In the countryside surrounding Hjortsby Torp oxen, hoes and sickles have been replaced by trollies, golf clubs and bags. Here, in a wooded hideaway in Scania (Skåne) overlooking Vasatorp’s 54 holes golf resort, lies Hjortsby Torp – Country Living & Golf.

Hjortsby Torp lies in the county of Scania in the south of Sweden; nowhere else in this country will you find so many golf courses in such a small area. You can chose between links, park or woodland golf courses, Vasatorp has even two pay and pay courses; golfers of all classes can find a golf course especially suited to them.

It is only a five minute walk from Hjortsby Torp to Vasatorps Golf Club; by car you can tee off within c.a. thirty minute drive at at least fifteen other courses including Rya, Mölle, Barsebäck, Landskrona, S.t Arild, Woodlands, Söderåsens and Allerum